Top 4 ski towns in Colorado that you must visit

Colorado is popular for skiing. There are some iconic ski towns in Colorado that are great to visit. There are good ski resorts located nearby, so you will have an amazing experience.

1. Aspen

There are ski slopes that flow down to the historic downtown. There is also skiing at the three mountains Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk. Aspen is a great place to shop too! There are many brands like Kemo Sabe that offer the finest handmade cowboy boots. You will also find custom fitted hats. There are lodgings throughout the lovely valley.

2. Breckenridge

This ski town is known for the high altitude life. It is situated 9,600 feet about sea level. This place is perfect for the beginners and expert skiers. It is a party town and is full of restaurants and nightlife.

3. Telluride

It is a beautiful town. It offers unparalleled views and access to the internationally renowned slopes. The ski trails start at 8,750 feet and can go up to 13,320 feet. There are good restaurants. There is a mountain village as well. Every weekend, festivals take place.

4. Steamboat Springs

It has the best tree skiing in Colorado. Tourists gather here every year. It is a great place for ski vacation. There are two hot springs as well. There are shops where you can dress up like an authentic cowboy.

These towns are great to visit. The speciality about these towns is that the ski resorts are located nearby. So, you won’t have to worry about accommodation.