5 things you should know when you are new to Colorado

Colorado is a great state to live in. It’s getting crowded slowly. If you have decided to move in as well, then here are five things you should know about Colorado.

Not everyone smokes weed

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize the use of marijuana. But a very small percentage of the residents of Colorado actually smoke marijuana.


You should wear clothes in layers to get a comfortable dressing. You will experience all four seasons in one day in Colorado. You often get clear sunshines in Colorado. So, it is better to wear clothes in layers so that you can take off the layers when the weather tends to get warmer.


You will see moose, dear and bears in foothills. So, don’t be shocked. You will see them walking down the street or stroling on your yard. In certain cities the residents need to use bear proof trash cans. These animals are harmless.

The Rocky Mountains

It is simply a paradise. You will love skiing and hking here. Millions of visitors come here every year to observe the beatiful nature. The place has strict policy on preserving the nature. They have signs alll over the place saying ‘Leave No Trace’ so that the habitat is undisturbed.


If you feel dizzy and short of breath when you are in Colorado, don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal. Denver is situated a mile above sea level. You will need sometime to get adjusted to the altitude.

Colorado is different than the other states. The weather is a big challenge. You will get adjusted living here slowly. You will love the nature here and will have a healthy living.