5 adventurous things you must do in Colorado

Colorado is a place for adventure lovers. With those Rocky Mountains, you can have so many adventures. Here are five most adventurous things you should do in Colorado.

Climb a Fourteener

Mount Bierstadt which lies at 14,060 feet is one of the easiest mountains to ascend. It has a wide trail that winds through high mountain meadows and swamps. You should put all your fears aside and climb the mountain. You will get all kinds of help. On the way, you will see mountain goats staring at you or an eagle flying high. Once you are at the top, you will feel like being at ‘the top of the world’.

Visit Mesa Verde

The cliff dwellings at this part should be visited many times. You should take a ranger guided tour for getting more insight into the people. A large area of the site is open to the public viewing. You can also take a full day tour of the Ute Mountain Tribal Park.

Strawberry Park hot springs

You can enjoy sitting relaxed in hot springs. The masonry walls form pools of various temperatures. You can spend the night in a cabin. Hot Sulphur Springs has different private pools and caves.

Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park

It is one of Colorado’s greatest natural phenomena. You can hike to the top and then snowboard down. You will love the beauty of Crestone Peaks. You can climb to the top of Star Dune and take lovely photographs.

Touch dinosaur tracks

You should get the thrilling experience of touching real dinosaur tracks. At one time Colorado was full of mud and water. It was possible to record the wanderings of dinosaurs. There are more than 1,300 tracks.

Colorado is a very interesting and adventurous place. Besides visiting all these places, you should experience skiing in the beautiful mountains which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.